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Teaching with cases written by Espen Andersen and Bill Schiano

Teaching with Cases. A Practical Guide.

Case method teaching immerse students in the actual problems and decisions facing a company. The class discussion inherent in case teaching is well known for stimulating the development of students’ critical thinking skills -and instructors often need guidance on managing that class discussion to maximise learning.

A Practical Guide
Andersen and Schiano (2014) Teaching with Cases

Teaching with cases focuses on practical advice that can be easily implemented. It will be especially useful for anyone teaching in a setting in which case teaching is not widespread.

The book is organised according to the three elements requiere for a great case-based course:

  1. Foundation: Planning the structure of the course and establishing mutual expectations with your students.
  2. Flow. Mstering the techniques of creating a lively classroom discussion
  3. Feedback: Communicating effective and actionable feedback to your students both during and after the course.

Teaching with Cases is ideal for new case method instructors or experienced case teachers looking to improve their discussion leadership skills.